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Material Conveying Systems

Depositing of spoil adjacent to the track during ballast cleaning is only possible to a limited extent. Apart from this being damaging to the environment, it may not be possible in restricted areas such as cuttings, tunnels and at station platforms where it has to be loaded onto spoil conveying systems for removal to suitable dumping sites.

The MFS spoil conveyor system is an open, high sided hopper wagon, with a floor mounted conveyor belt which covers the entire width of the machine with a storage capacity of 40 m³. The rotation speed of this purpose designed and wear resistant conveyor belt can be controlled.

In addition, the hopper wagon is equipped with a slewing conveyor belt on the one end which operates independently from the floor conveyor belt to either transfer its load forward to the next wagon, or discharge its load to the side. Each unit is equipped with its own diesel engine to supply motive power to the conveyor belt.

An MFS train of spoil conveyor systems can be made up of any number of hoppers to suit.

The MFS system is also perfectly suited for the carriage and distribution of new ballast or backfill material. Where installed, the ballast offloading using the MFS system can be integrated with the ballast cleaning machine.

The MFS 40-4 spoil conveyor system has been in use in South Africa for many years and has proved to be exceptionally reliable and effective.

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