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Dynamic Ballast Stabilising Machines

The stabilising machine consists of two stabilising units between the axles/bogies of the machine that set the track in horizontal oscillation directed crosswise/laterally to the track whilst at the same time applying a controlled static vertical load. The stabilising machine therefore ‘beds’ the sleeper into the ballast.

Dynamic track stabilisation enhances the quality and durability of the track after ballast cleaning or tamping. It restores the track���s resistance to lateral displacement which traditionally required trains to compact the track bed with their weight while passing at a restricted speed for a period of time.

The homogeneous settlement with stabilisation is uniform over the length of the dynamically stabilised track which would otherwise occur unevenly under variable traffic loading. Maintenance intervals are therefore extended by up to 30% on average, confirmed by extensive research and experience.

The stabilising machine can either follow the tamping machine as a self-propelled vehicle, can be coupled to a continuous action tamping machine or can be integrated with the machine such as the Dyna-C.A.T. to offer unrivalled production, track quality and durability which reduces the unit costs of maintenance and minimises the disruption to traffic.

Stabilising machines have been extensively used in South Africa for several decades and have a proven track record for efficiency, productivity and reliability.

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