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Ballast Regulating Machines

Ballast distribution and profiling machines are an efficient mechanised method used to box in and redistribute ballast.

Depending on the model, these machines can be equipped with a variety of equipment including:

  • Shoulder ploughs which are adjustable both vertically and horizontally and can be adapted to suit any shoulder angle. All obstacles such as mast poles can be avoided without altering the shoulder angle and leaving heaps of ballast. The ploughs are pressed down hydraulically and held firmly against the ballast shoulder.
  • Regulating ploughs consisting of tunnel shaped sheets over the rail area and fixed and adjustable baffles which can achieve a flow of ballast in any direction across the ballast profile.
  • An optional sweeper unit consisting of a rotating sweeper brush inside a welded steel plate housing which sweeps the surplus ballast from the sleepers into the sleeper cribs or deposits surplus ballast either to the right or left side of the track.

The SSP 203 is a high production bi-directional machine equipped with all the equipment mentioned above. A number of variations of Plasser ballast regulating machines have been in operation in South Africa for many years, working behind ballast cleaners, on construction sites and carrying out general maintenance while achieving excellent production rates and availability levels.

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