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Ballast Cleaning Machines

Ballast screening is a vital part of track maintenance. Ballast screening is a laborious task that can only be done efficiently by mechanised methods (a ballast cleaning machine) and entails the separation and removal of the fine material from within the ballast bed and returning the re-usable ballast.

Depending on the ballast cleaning machine model and site conditions, the Plasser machines can excavate between 350 to 750 m³ of ballast per hour.

The ballast cleaner can be fitted with a wide cutterbar for screening switches and crossings or a narrow cutterbar for screening ballast in tunnels, bridges and other restricted areas.

The RM74 machines have been working in South Africa since 1979 and are much respected in South Africa for their high quality of work and production achieved. The new RM 74 BR-UHR is of the same specification as the machines currently in use. Plasser South Africa therefore has many years experience on this machine and various components are readily available.

The RM900 has been on contract for almost a decade and has proven its ability for high speed ballast cleaning which is essential for high traffic density lines. It is the highest production ballast cleaning machine that fits within the cape gauge vehicle structure gauge.

The new RM 80-750 S is a machine capable of production rates similar to the RM 900.

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